Planetmakers at the ECOLISE SCP conference

ECOLISE are one of the partners in the Planetmakers Platform, so Gary Alexander attended the ECOLISE meeting in Brussels last week. It was a workshop of their Sustainable Communities Programme, and was very inspiring. There were about 30 people there from all over Europe, all working to build very much the same vision asĀ  Planetmakers. There were lots of presentations of projects that are curently up and running, and various new proposals. We presented our project, with the intention of getting more active participation in our PlaNET Prototype activities, with quite a lot of success. Watch this space as the details are confirmed.

The event ended with a breakfast at the European Parliament, attended by many of the workshop people and MEPs and EU officials. Again, it was heartening to see how much is going on within the EU to support the same vision. Billions of Euros worth of funding for projects to build bottom-up, collaborative, sustainable communities are planned for the next few years.