The Challenge:

With our growing awareness of a ‘climate emergency’, comes a dramatically growing public desire for a more sustainable society. We need to rapidly lower material consumption while enabling more people to lead a good life in vibrant communities. This means transforming local economies & communities, based on a radical shift in interactions between citizens. This is the greatest challenge facing our generation!

The social vision:

An empowered community that self-organises to locally provide basic material and social needs like food, energy, transport, care services, etc. It provides strong incentives that reward volunteering and reduce people’s need for money, while promoting prosocial and sustainable behaviour. It creates employment and flexible ways for people to earn money and contribute to the community.

Making this happen:

We are building PlaNET, a decentralised platform: optimised for building sustainable communities to make it easy for groups to work together as new ‘Commons’ with organised collaboration, shared resources, self-governance and conflict resolution. At its core are 1) a decentralised social action network for community organising with local self-governance, and 2) a social marketplace as the basis of the collaborative economy.

Our Partners

The project is bringing together a great set of community partners (including ECOLISE and Barcelona Sharing City) with tens of thousands of members between them , with a fine set of supporting groups (including the Open Food Network, Enspiral and Community Forge). They will trial and validate our prototypes of PlaNET.

Our full set of partners is as follows:

Learn more about our partners

Our prototypes

We are submitting 2 prototypes and an interface design showing the projected look & feel:

1 Our PlaNET on Holo ‘work in progress’ app that will run on HoloPort servers running a new decentralised layer of the internet, Holochain.  One benefit of the HoloPorts is that they are locally managed by experts as part of PlaNET.

2 Our Planetmakers PlaNET  ‘proof-of-concept’ is built using a customised version of the popular open source discussion software Discourse. It is being used by our partners until our PlaNET on Holo app is released, to test and refine the processes that the platform will support, exploring synergies and bootstrapping collaborative projects that will be migrated to the app.

The EU Prize

We are applying for a one million Euro EU prize “Blockchains for Social Good”. A draft copy  of our application is attached. If we win the prize, it will be used

  1. to develop the PlaNET on Holo prototype to a working system.
  2. to implement the vision by funding a set of projects our community and supporting partners are developing that will use PlaNET.
  3. to promote and coordinate the project.

Download a copy of our Planetmakers EU Prize Application